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Folk & Square Dance Federation of Washington

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Peninsula Dance Halls

and Clubs

Kitsap Square Dance Center

6800 W Belfair Valley Rd, Bremerton, Wa

01-19-18 Friday Paws & Taws Winter Wonderland Dance, Plus 7:30-8pm, MS/Rounds 8-10pm, Roger Spiese Calling, Shawn Cavness Cueing,

01-20-18 Saturday Gig Harbor Twirlers Dance, Plus 7:30-8pm, MS/Rounds 8-10:15pm, Larry Small Calling and Cueing.

01-22-18 Monday Dudes and Dolls Plus Workshop, 1-3pm, Don Smith Calling

01-22-18 Monday  Paws & Taws MS Lessons, 7-9pm, BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS TO LEARN TO SQUARE DANCE, Roger Spiese Calling, Angels needed

01-23-18 Tuesday Workshop with Larry Small, MS 7-8pm and PLUS 8-9:30

01-24-18 Wednesday Advanced Square Dance with Spike Reid, 4:30-6:30pm

01-24-18 Wednesday Round Squares Lessons 7-9pm, Gunter Monroe Calling, Angels needed

01-25-18 Thursday Round Dance (two step) Lessons, 6:30pm / (cha cha*) 8:00pm, Angels needed, Shawn Cavness Cueing  *Prerequisite – Rumba

01-27-18 Saturday Round Squares Dance, Plus 7:30-8pm, MS/Rounds 8-10pm, Gunter Monroe Calling, Joyce Sebree Cueing


The big Second-Life Square Dance Clothing Sale will begin on the 6th of February. Please donate your unwanted (but nice) square dance clothes by putting them in a bag, labeled to be given to the clothing sale and place the bag under the coat rack in the entry hall or contact Janet Bowmer.

Round Dance on Friday, February 23rd with Shawn Cavness

Another place to go for information: KITSAPSQUAREDANCE.COM


Dudes & Dolls – Rounds / Plus Square Dance — Every Monday

(Sep – May)

Callers: Don Smith or Willie & Missie Sewell


Gig Harbor Twirlers – Rounds / Mainstream Dance — 1st Saturday

(Except for January & September – 3rd Saturday)

Caller / Cuer: Larry Small


Paws & Taws – Rounds / Mainstream Square Dance — 1st & 3rd Friday

(Except for March, July & August – 3rd Saturday)

Caller: Roger Spiese / Cuer: Shawn Cavness


Round Squares – Rounds / Mainstream Square Dance — 4th Saturday

(Except for December – 3rd Saturday)

Caller: Gunter Monroe / Cuer: Joyce Sebree


Square Steppers – Plus Square Dance — 2nd Saturday

Guest Callers


Other Dance Halls and Clubs

Gardiner Community Center

980 Old Gardiner Hwy, Sequim, WA


4Plus4’s – Rounds / Plus Square Dance — Every Thursday

4:30 to 5:30  Phase 4 / 5 rounds (current and popular,  to tapes)
7:30 to 9:30  Plus Program Square Dance (or plus lessons in some years)
Workshops on 1st, 3rd, and 5th weeks per month (no rounds)
Dances on 2nd and 4th weeks per month with rounds between tips.


A Team – Advanced Square Dance — Every Thursday

5:30 to 7:30  Advance Square Dance (and/or lessons) No rounds

Rhody O’s – Rounds / Mainstream  SquareDance 

Every Tuesdays:
4:30  Phase 4+ rounds (tapes, sometimes to Spike Reid)
5:30  Phase 3+ rounds (usually by Spike Reid)
6:30  Phase 2, introduction to rounds, lessons  (taught by Spike  Reid) Two Step and Waltz only,  alternating about every six months
7:30 to 9:30    Square Dance Lessons in the Fall and Winter (no rounds) and mainstream square dance Workshops in the Spring and Summer (no rounds)
First and Third Friday:
6:00 to 7:00   Pre-Rounds  (Phase 4, 3, 2 from earlier to later)
7:00 to 7:30   Square Dance workshop
7:30 to 9:30   Square Dance with phase 2 & 3 rounds between tips.

Lac-A-Do Hall

1721 46th Ave NE, Olympia, WA


Square One – Rounds / Plus Dance

Mountlake Terrace Community Senior Center

23000 Lakeview Dr, Mountlake Terrace, WA


Freewheelers – Round and Square Dance Club