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About Us 

Thanks to the guidance, support and training of many Round Dance Leaders in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Especially that from our dear friend and mentor, Dottie Griffiths.

Our journey really started to take shape in February 2004. This is when we were asked to participate in the area Snowball Dance. This is a Dinner Dance supported by all of the surrounding Cuers. It was actually kind of funny. Dick Whyman (Cuer) asked for a list of everyone’s top 10 dances. We had to laugh, because at that time we only knew about 2. However, by the time the dance came around, I was not only able to do those 10; but also participate in the Pass the Mike for the dance following the meal.

To fast forward, by the time we left New York in June 2009, we were giving Private and Semi-Private Lessons, and Cueing / Teaching for 5 Clubs in the area. We were also the Cuer / Teachers for several Weekend Dances.

Over the recent years we have not been away from dancing, just the Modern Western Square Dancing and Round Dancing. Instead we had filled this gap with Ballroom Dancing. Now, after being away from this form of dancing for 8 years, we are enjoying being active participants in this wonderful sport once again.

I have locally Cued Dances for: Square One (Lac-A-Do Hall), Gig Harbor Twirlers, Paws & Taws and Round Squares (Kitsap Square Dance Center). In addition to Demo’s working with Roger Spiese.